Linn Series 3 301


Key points
Offers digital streaming via Bluetooth, WiFi and Airplay, and includes an HDMI ARC port, meeting modern connectivity expectations
• Features Linn’s patented Exakt technology to deliver the same natural sound as recorded by the artist
• Simple plug and play setup which doesn’t require specialist installation
• Designed to attract new customers and compete against premium mainstream brand products
• Instantly connects to a wide range of streaming services directly from a mobile device
• Can be paired with a voice assistant for voice control

• Single Speaker, Stereo System, Multiroom




Series 3 Partner 302 is Linn’s first fully integrated wireless speaker. A simple, all-in-one, wireless speaker tht exudes elegance in every way, fitting seamlessly into your home and enhancing everyday life with exceptional musical clarity that will surprise and delight.

Series 3 Partner 302 is high end in every way – in adio performance, design, appearance and simplicity of use.

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All-in-One Geräte


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